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About the Federal Scholarship Board And the Scholarships It Offers/ Other 2019 Scholarships

The Federal Scholarship Board (FSB), being a sub-unit of the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria, has been offering Nigerians the opportunity to study abroad on Scholarships for Undergraduates and Postgraduates studies for the past five year. The board is committed in its vision and makes sure this happens through the following ways:

  1. implements the Education Agreement (BEA) and Multi-Lateral (Commonwealth) Agreements on Scholarship and Fellowship awards to Nigeria
  2. Help in advising and coordinating States Scholarship Policies and Programmes
  3. Manages data on information about student matters, Scholarship and Fellowship awards in relation to Nigeria
  4. Helps to Monitor Scholars activities in Tertiary Institutions locally and abroad
  5. Help to facilitate the efficient utilization of foreign and local scholarship, and fellowship awards to deserving Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students



Federal Secretariat Phase III, FCT, Abuja. Nigeria


Scholarship Categories

The Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) works under the following categories to help Nigerians to have the opportunity to apply and successfully gain local or international Scholarships:

  1. Commonwealth Scholarship
  2. Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA)
  3. Nigerian Awards


NOTE: The following Scholarships are available because of Nigeria’s Diplomatic relations with the Host Countries below

i. Austrian Government Undergraduate, Masters And PhD Scholarships 2019-2020 for International Students

The Austrian government invites applications from international students for its 2019/2020 Undergraduates, Graduates, Postgraduates, PhD scholarships. These scholarships are  financed by the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria.…READ MORE



Cyprus is Country located in Europe and east of the Mediterranean islands. There are more than 70,000 international students form 135 different countries currently enrolled in 16 major universities in North Cyprus.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education and Sports awards scholarships for international students to study in Cyprus on fully funded or partial status. The undergraduate and…READ MORE


Federal Scholarship Board Link: http://education.gov.ng/fsb/  Email: info@education.gov.ng

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